Touring, Young Randy love, and some Acoustic Randalls

Hey all,

Headin upstate this weekend as part of the record release tour for Young Randy (oh, you haven't gotten it yet? how convenient, it's right here). Tell your friends in Binghamton and Ithaca that these lunatics are comin to town.

We've been gettin some love for the record, with folks  calling it "all-out, in your face, foot stompin', gritty Americana" that's "sure to turn your head inside out." Sounds just about right.

We also made a lil Spotify playlist for ya's. Means a lot that ya'll support acoustic music, and we put together a bunch of songs that, to us at least, are examples of why acoustic music is just as powerful as anything else out there. Follow us on Spotify for more of these types of things, as well as new singles down the line.

Tour dates are below. See ya's at the show.

11.3 | CyberCafe West | Binghamton, NY
11.4 | The Nines | Ithaca, NY
11.5 | Angry Orchard | Walden, NY
11.16 | Home Grown Cafe | Newark, DE


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